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Causes of motor damage of automatic cutting machine

2020-03-11 11:15:46

Causes of motor damage of automatic cutting machine

1、 Frequent power failure

If the motor is started repeatedly for a long time, the transformer fuse will be burnt out in a slight situation, which will lead to the motor burn down seriously.

2、 Open repeatedly

It often occurs that some manufacturers use the cutting machine to work, because the time for placing materials is enough, they often stop the machine then use it again. In this way, the electromagnetic valve of the cutting machine can operate normally, the motor can bear the failure directly.

3、 Long term overload use


4、 It is clearly stipulated in the regulations of the cutting machine manufacturer that the overload cannot be used for a long time. If the solenoid valve cannot bear the load caused by long-term use, the motor will be burned out.

Cutting machine installation debugging electrical appliance use:

1. Power indicator

2. Blanking indicator

3. Oil pump start indicator

4. Time relay 1s

5. Time relay 3S

6. Counter

7. Emergency switch

8. Oil pump off

9. Main power switch

be careful:

1. The machine is operated by both hands cannot be put into the cutting area.

2. In case of abnormal sound odor, stop working immediately shut down for inspection.


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