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What material is suitable for automatic cutting machine?

2020-03-12 11:15:46

What material is suitable for automatic cutting machine?

Automatic cutting machine is especially suitable for blanking of wide width coil material, especially for parts with constant cutting, less cutting large quantity

1. Automatic lubrication system ensures the accuracy of the machine improves the durability of the machine.

2. PLC, touch screen control, slide type automatic feeding, feeding, dimming, mute, no vibration, easy to put, easy to take, high safety. Single double feeding devices can be selected according to customer requirements

3. When the cutting head is pressed under the cutting head, it will automatically decelerate before contacting the cutter 10 mm, so that when cutting multi-layer materials, there is no dimensional error between the top layer the bottom layer. The automatic lubrication system ensures the accuracy of the machine improves the durability of the machine.


4. The design of four double hydraulic cylinder mechanism, excellent rigidity, can effectively ensure the mechanical accuracy of the aircraft. The position of any cutting plane is kept stable in the output of cutting force to ensure the depth accuracy of each cutting point is ± 0.2mm.

5. OPS cutting environmental protection materials, pet, there will be no cutting edge burr constantly when ABS. It can prevent sticking to the cutting plate box phenomenon, cutting the powder of food box. Due to the balance of cutting accuracy, it can greatly reduce the loss of cutting die cutting board.

6. As a common industrial cutting equipment, the operator should know about the equipment, master its operation method, understand its internal structure working principle of the equipment before taking up the post, as well as some common problems that may appear in the operation, have solutions. Before using the equipment, the equipment, especially its main parts, should be comprehensively inspected. If there is any problem, measures should be taken to solve the problem, the cutter should be allowed to work with disease.. the staff must pay attention to the inspection work to avoid large errors in the working process, which will seriously affect the whole work.. the automatic cutting machine manufacturer tells you that before operating the cutting machine, we should do it Good preparation of these related work to ensure the normal operation of the equipment to play its effect.


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