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How to set the height of automatic cutting machine?

2020-03-17 11:15:46

How to set the height of automatic cutting machine?

1》 Remove the sundries on the rubber plate of the worktable, place the knife mold in the center of the rubber plate.

2》 After the machine is started, loosen the setting hand wheel turn the "pressure system" to zero.

3》 Turn the setting switch right to the "tool die setting" direction, the cutting pressing plate 13 starts to move down slowly until it is close to the die, then it stops automatically.

4》 Push the setting handwheel down tighten it. Before returning to start, set the switch system (left turn) to "cut" position.

5》 Press the brake switch again, the cutting pressure plate will immediately rise to the high position, then the tool die setting is completed.


Adjustment of cutting point

1》 After the tool setting is completed, the material to be cut is placed on the rubber plate, then the knife die is placed on the material, then the feed plate is pushed into the cutting area.

2》 Press the 12 cutting switch with both hands respectively. At this time, the cutting pressure plate will drop press on the cutter mold. After the cutter mold cuts off the material, it will automatically rise to the position before starting stop.

3》 When blanking the material, if it is found that the material is completely cut, adjust the 03 cutting depth controller to rotate the "pressure system" clockwise counter clockwise; if the die is pressed too deep into the rubber plate, rotate the "pressure system" counterclockwise. The longer the adjustment time is, the deeper the cutting depth is. Try to adjust it until the die is slightly pressed into the rubber plate.

4》 Pull the feeding plate out of the cutting area, take out the cut material, complete a blanking process.


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