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What are the influencing factors of pressure change of automatic cutting machine?

2020-03-19 11:15:46

What are the influencing factors of pressure change of automatic cutting machine?

1、 System pressure is also a decisive factor

The system pressure is the rated pressure that the motor drives the oil pump to output. The higher the output rated pressure, the greater the machine pressure. However, this kind of hydraulic pump has long been standardized. The output pressure of medium pressure hydraulic pump is generally about 200 kg. If the pressure is too high, the cost of supporting hydraulic actuator, pipeline, joint other components will be doubled, the technical difficulty will also be doubled.

The above two items are important factors in determining the pressure of the cutting machine. When the machine pressure is enough the machine is under pressure, we know to check, which will be of great help to the analysis maintenance of the machine; It should be noted that: in the actual maintenance, we should also consider such factors as the degree of pipeline sealing, whether the actuator has leakage, whether the seal is damaged other aspects of the comprehensive analysis; only in this way can we quickly eliminate the root cause of the fault.


2、 The size of the cylinder is one of the decisive factors

In the case of constant output pressure of oil pump, the larger the oil cylinder is, the greater the pressure generated by the machine, which is why the oil cylinder of high pressure machine is larger than that of small pressure machine.

What is the reason for the slow down speed but normal rising speed of the cutting machine?

1. Check whether the travel switch is jammed by foreign matters broken;

2. Change the position of relay press it tightly;

3. The solenoid valve fails, such as stuck valve;

4. The oil pump fails, which needs to be checked by professionals.


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