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What are the reasons for the failure of safety supervision of automatic cutting machine?

2020-03-20 11:15:46

What are the reasons for the failure of safety supervision of automatic cutting machine?

1. Check whether the travel switch is jammed by foreign matters broken;

2. Change the position of relay press it tightly;

3. The solenoid valve fails, such as stuck valve;

4. The pumping failure of oil pump needs to be checked by professionals;

Contactor is divided into AC contactor (voltage AC) DC contactor (voltage DC), which is used in power, distribution power consumption. In a broad sense, contactor refers to an electrical appliance that uses coil current to generate magnetic field to close contact control load.

1、 According to the transmission form:

A. Mechanical transmission cutting machine: it is a relatively old machine.

B. Hydraulic transmission cutting machine: it is a modern common cutting machine, which can be divided into the first generation of plane guide rail hydraulic cutting machine, the second generation of ordinary four column hydraulic cutting machine, the third generation of precision four column hydraulic cutting machine gantry mobile hydraulic cutting machine.


C. Full automatic rolling cutting machine: using sandwich method to process whole leather textiles.

D. Computer controlled water beam cutting machine: it is a modern more advanced cutting machine. It doesn't need to use knife mould, cuts according to the input program. The punching source is a high pressure water beam generator.

E. Computer controlled ultrasonic cutting machine: the control form is similar to water beam cutting machine, the punching source is ultrasonic generator.

2、 According to the structure of cutting machine, it can be divided into:

A. Rocker type cutting machine: the punching part is swing arm, which is suitable for punching cutting non-metallic materials such as leather, natural materials artificial leather.

B. Gantry moving cutting machine: the punching part is a punching head which can move left right along the beam. The cutter die can be fixed on the cutting head placed on the processed object. The punch of large-scale computer-controlled gantry cutting machine is equipped with a rotating tool die base, which can be typeset according to the program, the corresponding cutter can be selected; of course, the corresponding automatic feeding mechanism is required.

C. Plate type cutting machine: it is different the gantry type cutting machine in that the cross beam is directly punched, there is no movable punching head. Plate cutting machine can be divided into two categories: fixed beam beam can be moved back forth sliding plate of working table can be moved back forth.

D. Four column precision cutting machine: double cylinder, four column automatic balance connecting rod structure.

3、 According to the use of cutting machine parts:

A. Special cutting machine: suitable for Blister processing Blister cutting machine.

B. Horizontal cutting machine: suitable for processing tire materials.


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