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Repair maintenance of precision four column hydraulic cutting machine

2020-03-18 15:30:24

Repair maintenance of precision four column hydraulic cutting machine

Cutting machine maintenance is the general term of machine maintenance repair. Maintenance is a daily flow to maintain the technical functions defined by the equipment, while repair is a flow for troubleshooting restoring the technical functions of the equipment.

In the use of the cutting machine, due to various wear, erosion, fatigue, deformation, aging other phenomena of parts, resulting in the decline of precision function, affecting the product quality, even causing the equipment to stop when the situation is severe. Cutting machine maintenance is through the maintenance repair of the machine, reduce its degradation degree prolong its service life.

The course contents of maintenance of cutting machine include equipment inspection, adjustment, lubrication, timely handling of abnormal phenomena lectures. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, reduce wear, protect accuracy prolong service life, it is necessary to have fair lubrication, maintenance maintenance.

1. Inspection of cutting machine

The inspection of the cutting machine is mainly a daily inspection, the main content is the vibration, abnormal sound, looseness, temperature rise, pressure, flow, etc. Generally, the function working state of the machine can be judged the appearance of the equipment in operation, depending on the senses, simple instruments the state of the processed products. Such as mechanical cutting machine bearing temperature, pressure speed, blanking accuracy, noise, hydraulic cutting machine oil quality leakage. In short, according to the complexity of the cutting machine, functional characteristics, the importance of product quality other aspects to determine the inspection part, period other contents, so as to formulate the repair position, time technical preparation. The inspection work is generally jointly undertaken by the operator maintenance worker.


2. Lubrication of cutting machine

Cutting machine lubrication is an important measure to reduce the wear of parts in operation to avoid failure. The poor lubrication of the bearing of mechanical cutting machine leads to fever seizure. Therefore, lubrication is one of the important contents of cutting machine maintenance. The implementation of the "five fixed" method of lubrication makes the daily lubrication work standardized, standardized, concise easy to remember.

The details are as follows:

(1) Fixed point: determine the lubrication parts, lubrication points inspection points of the equipment.

(2) Quality determination: according to the oil brand designated in the machine model.

(3) Quantitative: determine the oil quantity of lubrication parts of the equipment to prevent spreading manage oil leakage of equipment.

(4) On schedule: according to the time specified in the machine copy, add oil clean oil to ensure timely lubrication.

(5) Fixed person: determine the operator maintenance worker of lubrication work, the responsibility is assigned to the person.

3. Maintenance requirements of the machine

The operator is responsible for the daily maintenance of the cutting machine, the operator should know the equipment structure abide by the operation maintenance regulations.

(1) Before the start of work (shift intermittent work), the main departments of the machine should be inspected filled with lubricating oil.

(2) In the class, use the equipment strictly according to the equipment operation rules, pay attention to observe the operation of the equipment, deal with the problems give lectures in time.

(3) Before the end of each shift, a cleaning work should be carried out, the friction surface bright surface should be coated with lubricating oil.

(4) Under the normal working condition of two shifts, the machine shall be cleaned inspected once every two weeks.

(5) If the machine is to be used for a long time, all bright surfaces must be wiped clean coated with antirust oil covered with plastic cover.

(6) Do use proper tools unfair knocking methods when disassembling assembling the machine.

(7) The hydraulic cutting machine should change the hydraulic oil regularly (once a year), check whether the filter screen is blocked cracked, whether there is oil leakage in the oil cylinder parts.

4. Technical safety precautions

(1) After the installation of the machine, it is necessary to ensure that the safety protection devices are complete the lines pipelines are complete. Properly ground the motor.

(2) When the machine is repaired, adjusted, refuelled, wiped checked, the power supply should be blocked to avoid danger.

(3) Before turning on the machine, pay attention to the surrounding environment to see if there is anyone working under the machine.

(4) Homework, the workbench is allowed to place oil pot, tools other unrelated items.

(5) If there is an accident after driving, there is abnormal noise jamming, it is necessary to park the car immediately for inspection.

(6) When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the cutting area. Even in the case of parking, it is strictly forbidden to change knives adjust tools in the cutting area.

(7) It is necessary to check the braking Department frequently. In any case, the upper platen of the cutting machine shall have re cutting spontaneous movement (sliding).


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