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How to disassemble the oil cylinder of rocker cutting machine?

2020-03-12 16:10:29

How to disassemble the oil cylinder of rocker cutting machine?

1、 Rotate the cutting machine lifting height to the high point.

2、 Turn off the machine.

3、 Find two jacks iron blocks the like to support the upper pressure plate to avoid oil leakage fall down, this step is very important.

4、 At this time, the oil cylinder can be easily lifted down by forklift, it can be lifted down by many people.

1. Mechanical part of hydraulic cutting machine: it is composed of body, working mechanism stroke adjusting device. Gantry hydraulic cutting machine also includes sliding saddle moving feed device automatic feeding device.

2. Hydraulic system of cutting machine: composed of hydraulic pump, oil cylinder, pressure valve, directional valve, filter, oil tank pressure gauge.

3. Cutting machine electrical control part: including switch, relay, contactor other components of the electrical control circuit.


1、 Problem: too much dust scurf under the guide block is set, so that the travel switch can be contacted when the pressing plate is pressed down, thus crushing the tool die;

Solution: clean up the sundries;

Preventive measures: regularly clean up the debris beside the machine;

2、 Problem: the travel switch fails to transmit the signal.

Solution: replace the travel switch with a new one.

3、 Problem: cutting the oil circuit fault;

Solution: please contact professionals for maintenance, do disassemble check by yourself;


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