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Analysis influence on precision of rocker cutting machine

2020-03-13 16:10:29

Analysis influence on precision of rocker cutting machine

Several important aspects of purchasing a cutting machine must be the tonnage of the cutting machine, it must also be the cutting accuracy of the cutting machine! The cutting accuracy directly determines the waste degree of raw materials. The worse the accuracy is, the more raw materials will be wasted, which is definitely in the interests of the merchants!

First of all, what impact will the low accuracy of the cutting machine cause

The low accuracy of the cutting machine has only a great impact, but also many aspects. The reduction of the accuracy of the cutting machine may lead to the decrease of the cutting efficiency, which is mainly manifested in the phenomenon of constant cutting continuous cutting around the middle, which needs to be cut with knife scissors, which also greatly reduces the work efficiency


The decrease of the accuracy of the cutting machine will lead to faster consumption of raw materials more waste. After cutting for a period of time, the middle a certain position of the base plate is concave in advance, the base plate is scrapped in advance, which virtually increases the production cost; the cutter die is easy to be damaged: there are often knife dies damaged without reason.

What factors determine the accuracy of the cutting machine

Machine accuracy depends on three aspects: machining accuracy, hydraulic system stability, electrical control stability. Hydraulic system accessories electrical components are generally purchased parts, so it is a big problem to purchase purchased parts large factories brands. The rest is mainly the mechanical part. Due to the uneven residual error of domestic manufacturers, the machining accuracy process are quite different.

How to control reduce the error value of cutting machine

The control reduction of precision error is divided into two parts: the manufacturer the user: the above-mentioned manufacturers mainly start improving the machining accuracy of machinery do a good job in the whole process; as the user, they mainly do the daily maintenance of the machine.


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