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What factors may cause the rocker cutting machine to stop working

2020-03-19 16:10:29

What factors may cause the rocker cutting machine to stop working

One point: the switch is damaged

It is very easy to stop the whole machine when the switch accessories are damaged. This is because after the switch button is damaged, there will be no contact, that is, the circuit is blocked. In this case, you only need to use a multimeter to detect it, then you can confirm whether the problem is caused by switching on off, then directly replace the new switch.

Two points: oil pump damaged too little oil

After the oil level in the oil pump is higher than the oil level in the oil pump, it is necessary to check whether the oil level in the oil pump is higher than that in the oil pump.

Three points: motor reversal


The reverse rotation of motor is an important factor leading to the failure of rocker cutting machine. The rotation direction of the motor should be consistent with that of the steering mark. If there is no steering mark on the machine, you can observe the direction of the cooling fan. Normally, it should be clockwise. If the rotation direction of the developed motor is wrong, you can replace any two of the three-phase power lines.

Four points: the oil pipe universal joint falls off

The oil pipe universal joint are used to connect the oil way manifold block the oil cylinder. If it falls off, the hydraulic oil can enter the oil cylinder, the rocker cutting machine will work naturally

Five points: the oil cylinder seal ring falls off is damaged

Open the guard of the oil tank to check. The sealing ring of the oil cylinder should be intact inside the oil cylinder ( visible on the outside). If the seal ring is seen, it proves that the oil cylinder seal ring has fallen off. The reason is that the rocker arm rises too high (this kind of situation is more).

Six points: the solenoid valve is damaged powered on

The solenoid valve is an action actuator. When it is damaged stuck, the rocker cutting machine can operate.


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