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Analysis of common faults in hydraulic system of automatic cutting machine

2020-07-18 22:00:51

The common faults of hydraulic control system of automatic cutting machine are analyzed

1. Fever

Due to the difference of the flow rate of the driving medium in each part of the flow process, the internal friction is generated the existence of different layers! However, higher temperature will cause the expansion of hydraulic oil increase the internal pressure, so that the control operation can be transferred well.

To solve the problem, ① use high quality hydraulic oil

2. Layout of hydraulic pipe to avoid elbow

Use better accessories accessories, such as hydraulic valves! Heat is an inherent feature of hydraulic system cannot be eradicated.

2. Leakage

There are two kinds of leakage since the beginning of leakage hydraulic system leakage. It refers to the leakage occurring in the leakage system, for example, between the piston the slide valve both sides of the valve body. Leakage refers to the leakage of external environment.

To solve the problem, ① check whether there is looseness at the pipe joint

② Good quality seal.

3. Vibration

The impact force caused by the rapid development of hydraulic oil in the pipeline of hydraulic cutting machine the impact generated by learning in the process of control valve opening closing are the causes of vibration in enterprises. If the vibration amplitude is too strong, a system will be produced. Some wrong indications will occur in precision instruments equipment, which will lead to the failure of social system.

Solution: 1 fix the hydraulic pipeline

The hydraulic system should have good vibration control measures to avoid the influence of external vibration source on the hydraulic system.

In order to avoid the above problems in hydraulic system, cutting secret is usually used

1. When starting the machine every day, let the student machine run without load for 1-2 minutes before cutting.

2. When it stops for more than a day, set the handle set to relax to prevent the damage of related parts. During operation, the die cutter should be placed near the middle cutting plane (about bars on both sides).

3. The machine can be developed cleaned before work every day, the electrical equipment parts of the enterprise should be kept clean at any time. By the way, check whether the screw is loose for locking.

4. Regularly check whether the lubrication system in the engine block works normally, the filter in the oil tank should be cleaned once a month. feel the oil pump noise increases, if necessary, clean it. When changing the hydraulic oil, be sure to clean the oil tank thoroughly.

5. Check keep the oil level in the oil tank regularly. The hydraulic oil level should be at least 30 m / m above the oil filter, but the oil tank cannot be filled with oil. If there is serious loss, please find out the reason in time take appropriate measures.

After about 2400 hours of replacement, especially about 2000 hours of service time of the first new machine, the hydraulic oil tank will replace the oil well. After oil replacement new installation, clean the oil strainer for about 500 hours.

7. The oil pipe joint shall be locked, there shall be no oil leakage. When the oil pipe is working, the friction inside the oil pipe shall be generated to prevent damage.

8. The pipe to be removed should be placed at the bottom of the pressure seat pad so that the pressure seat cushion goes down to the circulating oil to prevent large shallow leakage. It should be noted that the motor should be completely stopped under the hydraulic system components removed without pressure.

9. If the machine does operate, the motor must be stopped, otherwise it will greatly increase reduce the enterprise machine learning service life.


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