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How to adjust the precision four column hydraulic cutting machine?

2020-03-13 15:30:24

How to adjust the precision four column hydraulic cutting machine?

1. Position of upper stroke limit of cutting machine: the upper limit of stroke refers to the position of pressing plate in non working state. The distance between the swing arm the table can be adjusted by the screw device in the column. This distance is related to the height of the cutter die, the thickness of the cutting board the thickness of the shoe material, the pressure plate after placing the die can swing flexibly. But some models adjust the upper limit height through the small handwheel hydraulic device on the pressure plate. Although the position of the upper stroke limit is required to be very accurate, it will affect the blanking efficiency if it is too high.

2. The position of upper stroke limit of cutting machine: the lower limit of stroke refers to the position when the pressing plate cuts shoes. The fine adjustment knob on the rotary pressing plate punch can adjust the lower limit of stroke through time relay. When adjusting, the delay time should be adjusted according to the thickness of the blanking material. However, there are also some cutting machine models which can adjust the stroke according to the hardness thickness of shoe material by using the three gear button on the handle, which is more convenient to operate. The accuracy of the lower limit of the stroke is higher than that of the upper limit, which needs to be adjusted carefully.


After the installation of the machine, it is necessary to ensure that the safety protection devices are complete the lines pipelines are complete. Properly ground the motor.

When the machine is repaired, adjusted, refuelled, wiped checked, the power supply should be blocked to avoid danger.

Before turning on the machine, pay attention to the surrounding environment to see if there is anyone working under the machine.

Homework, the workbench is allowed to place oil pot, tools other unrelated items.

If there is an accident after driving, there is abnormal noise jamming, it is necessary to park the car immediately for inspection.

When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the cutting area. Even in the case of parking, it is strictly forbidden to change knives adjust tools in the cutting area.

It is necessary to check the braking Department frequently. In any case, the upper platen of the cutting machine shall have re cutting spontaneous movement (sliding).


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