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What are the operation precautions of precision four column hydraulic cutting machine?

2020-03-14 15:30:24

What are the operation precautions of precision four column hydraulic cutting machine?

1. When the precision four column cutting machine is working, the cutter should be placed in the center of the upper platen as far as possible, so as to avoid wear on one side of the machine affect its service life.

2. When replacing a new cutter for the precision four column cutting machine, if the height is different, please reset it according to the setting method.

3. If the operator needs to leave the position temporarily, he must turn off the motor switch leave again to avoid damage to the machine due to improper operation.

4. Please avoid overload to avoid damaging the machine reducing the service life.

5. When setting the cutting tool, it is necessary to release the setting hand wheel first, so that the setting lever can touch the cutting point control switch, otherwise, when the cutter setting switch is turned to on, the setting action cannot be generated.

6. When the precision four column cutting machine is cutting, please keep your hands away the cutting knife chopping board. It is strictly forbidden to touch the knife mold with your hands to avoid danger.


Causes solutions of cutting machine failure

1. Oil temperature too high

A. Oil pump damage, its internal parts in the high-speed rotation of wear produce heat.

B. Internal leakage of oil pressure components, such as the direction valve buckle seal ring damage, can make high-pressure oil flow through a small space to generate heat.

C. Improper pressure regulation, in the hydraulic system for a long time in the state of high pressure overheating.

2. The pressing plate does go down does reset after descending.

A. There is something wrong with the cut switch. Check replace it.

B. There is enough oil in the oil tank the oil pipe leaks. Add oil tighten the joint of the oil pipe.

C. The solenoid valve cannot be reset, repaired replaced.

D. The relay is in poor contact. The main oil circuit cannot be switched. Check the circuit.

3. Insufficient cutting pressure

A. If the oil pump is damaged the oil inlet is blocked the oil cylinder has leakage, it should be eliminated according to the situation after inspection.

B. If the touch of the micro switch is too slow faulty, adjust it to touch it about 10 mm before the cutting point replace it.

C. If the solenoid valve fails, check the spindle of the solenoid valve.

D. If the circulating oil in the oil tank is insufficient, the circulating oil shall be replenished to make the oil level exceed the oil filter net.


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