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Advantages of rocker cutting machine

2020-03-20 16:10:29

Advantages of rocker cutting machine

1. Rocker type cutting head, good vision in operation, convenient selection of materials, enough pressure, any soft material can be competent;

2. It can be cut only by pressing buttons with both hands, without continuous disadvantages high safety;

3. Special material cutting head, durable good cutting effect;

4. The stroke is controlled by electronic time-delay circuit, which is convenient to adjust with the height of cutting knife, has micro regulator;

5. Can use double side sharp cutting knife, saving labor cost.

Operating instructions

1. First, turn the cutting depth controller (fine adjustment knob) to zero.

2. Turn on the power switch, press the start button of the oil pump, run for two minutes without load, observe whether the system is normal.

3. Stack the push-pull plate, rubber plate, workpiece cutter die in the middle of the worktable in order.


4. Tool setting.

① . loosen the tool setting handle, fall naturally lock it.

② . switch right, ready for trial cutting.

③ Double click the green button to carry out trial cutting. The blanking depth is controlled by fine adjustment.

④ . fine adjustment: turn the fine adjustment button, turn left to reduce shallow, right to deepen.

⑤ . stroke adjustment: rotate the rising height controller to increase the right rotation stroke reduce the left rotation stroke. The stroke can be freely adjusted within the range of 50-200 mm ( 50-250 mm). During normal production, it is appropriate to press the upper stroke about 50 mm the top of the die.

Special attention: each time the tool die, workpiece backing plate are replaced, the tool setting stroke must be set again, otherwise, the tool mold the backing plate will be damaged.


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